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Did you know that the best college players in America are playing with our new EcoGrip® overgrip? Did you know that several WTA and ATP pros are going to play with EcoGrip® in 2015. Did you know that a famous seven time Grand Slam men’s singles champion regularly plays with EcoGrip? All these great players decided to get a better grip on their racquet and go green by playing the world’s first biodegradable overgrip. At Own the Zone, innovation is our game.. Learn more...

Did you know that the world's top tennis pros such as No.2 ranked Maria Sharapova, Andy Roddick and Grand Slam titleholder Andre Agassi use a different type of vibration dampener on their racquets?
OK, so maybe you knew that fact – they use band dampeners.

Maria Sharapova wins 2012 French Open, and achieves career Grand Slam

But did you know that top pro players such as Kevin Anderson, Jurgen Melzer, and Australia's Bernard Tomic also use band dampeners on their racquets?

These pros tie a simple band on their racquet strings to absorb shock and dampen vibration. In 2004, #1 ranked Andy Roddick hit the world’s fastest ever serve at 154 mph [248 kph] with an ordinary band on his racquet.

And while few would argue that the 2012 and 2014 French Open champion, Maria Sharapova is one of the fashion queens on the court, check out what she plays with on her racquet, it’s a simple rubber band. But wait a minute Maria, if you want to beat No. 1 Serena Williams with your power game at any Grand Slam tournament in 2015 and be even more in fashion you'll need to upgrade to…

“WORLD’S BEST VIBRATION DAMPENER!” - Tennis Warehouse Australia

OTZ Band Dampeners

Called the world's best vibration dampener, the colorful OTZ band vibration dampeners greatly improve upon the elastic bands used by Agassi, Roddick, Sharapova, Anderson, Melzer and Tomic. As OTZ bands are not made out of rubber they won’t dry out quickly in the sun, lose their elasticity or crack after repeated use. The OTZ bands come in 9 bright colors and highlight the cool Own the Zone logo. OTZ bands superbly dampen vibration and won't fly off your racquet. Check out the testimonials on this page from some of the world's best teaching pros. Not convinced? Check out our OTZ News page and our Racquet Science page and you’ll see why the OTZ band wave is spreading across the planet. So get those Good Vibrations and Hit Free with OTZ. It’s time to Own the Zone.

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OTZ and Coach Dan

Coach Dan's 5-star rated "Tennis Serve Made Simple" video lesson has now been viewed by more than 260,000 people on You Tube. This video uses a simple throwing motion and excellent ball toss to illustrate how to improve your serve. In late 2009 pro tennis coach Oscar Borras used the same steps to teach Rafael Nadal (in Spanish) to serve much better and help Rafa win the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open titles in 2010. Improve your serve like Nadal did for only $10 - get the full video now!

Own the Zone is proud to be working with Coach Dan Aronovic, who is known as "Coach Dan" to all his students. Own the Zone believes in bringing 'best in class' tennis instruction and products to our customers. Coach Dan's 5-star rated tennis lesson is highly entertaining and is packed with great tips on how to improve your serve. This YouTube Lesson was viewed by tens of thousands of people last year.

Coach Dan

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